We are a full service digital agency striving to decipher new consumer patterns and transform them into tangible business opportunities for our brand clients.

E for Engagement

Consumer engagement is a fascinating concept. It encapsulates the depth of the relationship one has with a brand, capturing several behaviours into a single dimension that can be measured over time. A cornerstone of digital benchmarks, this engagement drives all our actions.

E for East

We look East, where the sun sets and the growth shines. From the Middle-East to the Far-East, gravitating towards China, a road opens up for European brands, filled with new opportunities, great expectations and boundless desires. Our mission is to help pave the way.

E for Experience

Our team combines decades of experience in the digital space, bringing to the table complementary skills from different backgrounds and nationalities, all geared towards providing a global view and concrete solutions to our clients.

E for Enthusiasm

While happiness is in the pursuing, enthusiasm is in the solving. Helping companies make the right choice is what drives us. We love challenges, love translating business complexities into clear options. We are passionate people.


We accompany brands from the early stages of market strategy and throughout their sales cycle, providing along the way digital marketing and technology services.



Being ourselves entrepreneurs and having managed successful businesses over time, we understand the importance ROI. Our approach revolves around three stages: define, execute and measure. We help companies make sense of market data, translate their vision into strategy roadmaps, and implement marketing programs that deliver quantifiable results.



Whether aimed for startups looking to trade online or large corporations looking to sell products, the e-commerce solutions we design and build always optimize conversion rate and user experience. We have extensive knowledge of framework tools and platforms such as Magento or Prestashop and well as 3rd party integrations for ERP, CMS, CRM and loyalty programs applied to web or mobile environments.



We take the pride in the code we write. To provide the best experience on mobile, intuitive front-ends matter as much as efficient backend services. Our technology expertise applies to the Android and iOS ecosystems, leveraging best-in-class UI guidelines, SDKs and APIs. In a competitive landscape where business requirements are meant to evolve, so should maintenance programs and hosting solutions, which we scale for efficiency.



In our day and age, social marketing has become a cornerstone for effective digital strategies. With years of experience on WeChat and other leading social platforms, we have witnessed the transformative effect of mobile communication on consumption, both online and offline. From customer acquisition to CRM programs, we cover the full range of digital marketing services, always keeping a keen eye on emerging use cases to help brands stay ahead of the curve.


With offices in Milan, Paris, Dubaï and Shanghai, we provide our clients with growth opportunities in key market places.

Case study: China

Chinese online consumers are mature, with increasingly high expectations and demand for imported goods. Italy is well-known among China’s Mainland consumers, as the kingdom of fashion, quality food and lifestyle.

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Imagine if you could earn rewards each and every time you click on or watch a mobile ad ? Well, look no further, we designed and built the milioone app for this very purpose.